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= [[Image Therm-common-logo.jpg]] = [[Image macph1.jpg width"700px"]] //USS Indomitable: NCC 27315// = [[Image THERMPLAQUE.jpg width="500px"]] Dedication Plaque: "MOLON LABE!" ~King Leonidas ||||MISSION STATEMENT|||| ||The mission of the USS Indomitable is to provide a net home for Star Trek fans from all over the world to interact with each other over the internet and with their community /and/ local chapters as /our/ representatives. For those who desire is we will encourage Star Trek oriented gaming (online, PC, etc) and militaristic air sports such as airsoft and paintball.|| ||Our secondary mission is as an outreach to Military service people all over the world especially US military service people who are Star Trek fans serving overseas. We as an organization embody the spirit Commaradie of the US military and gladly support our service men and women overseas. With an open mind an heart we look to the rest of the world with Gene Roddenberry's dream of a better future and open our ranks to all.|| ||Lastly we are a group of friends. WE leave race, politics, religion, sexuality, and ALL other markers for superiority at the /door/ (or in our case ... the other side of the video screen). We are gathered here for fun and in a spirit of camaraderie.|| Staff: Commanding Officer: Captain/Colonel Packard Mereel Executive Officer: Commander/Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Grenier Chief Operations: OPEN Chief Tactical Officer; Nathaniel Grenier Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Jackson Turnbull Raster (aka /the/ Engineer) Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor: Lieutenant Commander Kit Warren Chief of Security: Major Hunter Woods Chief of Science: Captain Elric Rowar Fleet FAC TEAM Leader: Colonel Packard "Light Bulb" Mereel CO 551th Marine Strike Group: Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Gonzalez Jr.

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