1) no bullying ... The chain of command decides what constitutes bullying.
3) IC follows the chain of command; OOC everyone get a vote ... Not on IC or DB issues; on club issues
4) let's not discuss inflammatory topics or bring REAL WORLD DRAMA into our fantasy ... If you MUST VENT ... Don't make a habit out of it, on the same side of the coin let's try and down play real life and not get specific on why we can't play ... Knowing each other is fine and well but knowing each other too well is something we should avoid.
5) conflictual and inflammatory personages get three warnings ... After that the ship votes and you are banned.

Role play:
It is fully understood that the plank owners of DISCORD THERM have REAL WORLD commitments, that being said group RP as a full scheduled collective group will be impossible.
What is required instead:
1 quality Role play session of two or more crew once every two weeks resulting in an edited log.