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Description Our Status: *Fresh out of refit. *Fresh out of Restaff. *Repurposed Our first mission from our Intelligence Officer: "Okay here it comes, some of the intel satellites have picked up some anonamlous readings near the border zone... they cant make out what it is....we suspect some ships there that we do not know about, we do know it is NOT Klingon ships whatever it is or whoever it is is taking out small settlements in that area, and may discover some of out outposts in that area...we need you to check it out." This is our first BLACK OPS "deal with strategic dangerous unknowns" ... Other ships get the public high profile missions, we get the missions that need to be the the 'forever secret' for the good of the Galaxy. More from our Intelligence Officer: "And little more information for the mission, you know the mission is near the Neutral Zone...right? It will be the first time you will probably encounter Romulan Forces! More intel: One of our outposts have discovered something They have been working On a temporal device we got just partial info tho and it’s bad sector 0034alpha that outpost there vanished. More to come."
Start Date Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 12:09am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
New Mission ... Mission Brief
by Commodore Packard Mereel
PRE-LAUNCH, 1ST MISSION, T-MINUS a few hours Senior Staff Meeting Room
New Mission ... Restart
by Commodore Packard Mereel
PRE-LAUNCH, New Mission, T-MINUS 4 days ( In Dock: Shipwide
Launch. Mission 1.
by Commodore Packard Mereel
[0] 85235.7 Bridge
Preparing for launch
by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Gonzalez Jr
85332.2 Hangar deck
Message from the CO.
by Commodore Packard Mereel

Mission Summary

Go to the Neutral Zone and Investigate disappearance of outpost and possible incursions and potential use of Temporal Technology.