Lieutenant Commander Kenny Arnold

Name Kenny G. Arnold

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species One-quarter Human/ Three-quarter Andorian
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6-2
Weight 200
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description looks bigger than actually is - wide shoulders, but thin when turned to side. Smiles on occasion but typically a dead-pan faced person. Sports the Operations Yellow uniform generally but some assignments have him in black and green. styles his white hair similarly to his hero Capt. Jonathan Archer.

some scars on back/side of neck and has a narrowly detectable limp.


Spouse Sally - Deceased 2371
Children Garrett & Wyatt - Twins born 2357 - Garrett is junior officer on Nyberrite Alliance ship / Wyatt in 4th year at Startfleet Academy
Layla - born 2358 - Location unknown
Jhon - born 2361 - Living on Andor
Father William (human) & Wren (andorian chan)
Mother Taillia (shen) & Nillea (zhen)
Brother(s) none on record
Sister(s) none on record
Other Family Uncle Francis Arnold - lives in Lincolnshire, Great Britain with wife Patsy; cousins Gerry & Jeri both also living in Great Britain.
Uncle Jeremiah Gray - lives in Boulder Colorado as Park Ranger for Rocky Mountain Parks and Rec.
Adopted bother 1LT Apollo Weatherly - Serving aboard USS Aries as Asst. Chief of Security

No andorian relatives listed

Personality & Traits

General Overview reserved and militant since the death of his wife Sally - borderline reclusive at times. Old friends knew Kenny to be impulsive and borderline reckless as a cadet and young child. Was teased a lot for being the only andorian without antennae on Andor. His mix of human will power and andorian stubbornness made Ken out to be a staunch leader and brutal opponent in any contest of strength and strategy. He is highly intuitive of people and used it for both the benefit of him self and his colleagues - not always with the most integrity however.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: willful, intelligent, strategist, risk taker, martial artist, intuitive, mechanically inclined, psychoanalytically gifted

Weaknesses: Sweets, selfishly motivated, emotional, romantics
Ambitions Command of a starship
Be a good dad
Hobbies & Interests Blacksmithing
Extreme water-sports
Tropical vacations (Great Britain he considers tropical)

Personal History Born 2332 near Lake Armstrong, Luna in secret conceived to become what some andorian zealots believed would be the next genetic step to restore full reproductive capabilities to the species. This was discovered in 2337 by Federation Scientists and project was disbanded - raised under scrutiny by human father William Arnold and andorian 1/2 mother Nillea in Inverness, Scotland, GB.

* Preliminary results showed the breed mix negated the need for andorian antennae, and relaxed the metabolic rate to somewhere between andorian and human. It was noted how impressive the human DNA was for its dominance - being only 1/4 human, almost half of Arnold's genetic code was human. The Anear gene also allowed a minor and passive telepathic ability. Arnold was able to "sense" when someone was telling falsehoods, indecision, and stress giving him an advantage in certain situations. No documented ability to communicate telepathically, even with species which posses strong abilities such as betazoids.

Because of the close eye from Starfleet Security, young Kenny learned how to be secretive and sneaky often leaving his sleeping unit to attend underground sporting competitions - kickboxing mostly.

In mid secondary school, an instructor from Montgomery Scott High School convinced him to play parrises squares and ambo-jitsu. Arnold became team captain for 2 years in Academy and personally mentored a Cadet Will Riker his first year in the sport as well as other sports.

A gifted learner, Arnold assimilated information very quickly with high recall - and rarely studied. This gave him lots of time to learn several paths and graduated with 5 major courses of study, 4 of which with high honours. This also gave him little compassion for those who had to work very hard to maintain passing grades.

Arnold was assigned a few cushy postings and "phoned it in" for his time as an Ensign - he was transferred from Outpost 6 for gambling on duty.

Arnold met Sally at a gathering on Andor - the daughter of a SFM Brigadier and her father was Chef on the USS Crazyhorse. After 3 children he managed to get in good with a few admirals after noticing and thwarting an attempt on the life of Federation Ambassador Barakus mid-flight, he was decorated for bravery and able to get a second chance at a starship posting with the Yamato. 2 Months into the posting he was assigned to assist in the shakedown of the Lincoln. With his ship gone he was assigned to permanently to the Lincoln. His youngest son Jhon was born that year.

personal logs from USS Endeavor corrupted

In 2370 Arnold was assigned USS Enterprise and served directly under LT Worf. Cited twice for meritorious service. in 2371 Sally was killed in the crash landing on Veridian III - one of only 11 deaths. Arnold, unable to cope with the death of Sally took his children back to Inverness and resigned from Startfleet as a commissioned officer. He spent the next 2 1/2 years coaching combat water-sports for Scotland and consulting with Startfleet. he enjoyed being able to spend time with his children and seek family counseling on the death of Sally.

2373 Arnold was reactivated as a SFMarine, given the rank of Capt and sent into battle. He fought at DS9 and along the Cardasian border. Most of his missions are classified or partially classified. He was wounded 3 times, and lost his left leg from just below the knee. He ran 13 more missions after the prosthesis. He was decorated 9 times for various reasons and had one of the lowest casualty ratios for the duration of the war with the Dominion.

Arnold was convinced by his twin sons that he was valuable to Starfleet and he should stay where he is appreciated. The next 2 years he spent training new marines and Starfleet officers survival schools having been promoted to Major. His daughter Layla disagreed with decision to be a part of the military anymore and did not communicate with him during this time.

When Garrett joined the Nybrrite Alliance, Arnold requested and was granted reassignment to a star ship, USS Oregon in 2379. In a skirmish near Romulan space the Oregon was lost mysteriously with no debris.
Service Record Graduated SFA 2355 with honours in Space aviation, Advanced Life Support, Strategic Operations and Logistics, & Ancient Studies
4th cadet in SFA history to be undefeated in ancient weapons competition during Chocrane History Festival (Cadet Worf becomes 5th)
Completed Starfleet Marine Combat Training - assigned "RESERVE" status 2355

1st assignment Outpost 6 along Romulan Neutral Zone from 2355-2356; Primary - short range pilot; Secondary - Marine detachment as combat medic

2nd assignment Andor - 2356-2360 - Embassy shuttle pilot

3rd assignment USS Yamato - 2360 - LT JG - Flight control officer
TDY - USS Lincoln - Shakedown crew - Yamato destroyed during this tour

4th assignment Freedom class USS Lincoln (by request of Capt) - 2360-2362 - 1st helmsman - Default away mission team; Sensor maintenance

5th assignment Challenger class USS Endeavor - 2362-2365 - LEUT - Ground mission coordinator (separate from away teams); 2364 - Assistant Tactical Training Officer added.

6th assignment Outpost 23 - 2365-2369 - No Record

7th assignment Galaxy class USS Enterprise - 2370-2371 - Split duty; Tactical supervisor of Brig & Assistant Operations Officer. Survivor of Veridian III crash.

Resigned commission in 2371

Activated by Startfleet Marine Corps to serve in Dominion War as Captain of 198th Squadron "The Cleaners" - 32 successful missions; 9 unsuccessful - 2373-2375

Promoted to Major 2376 assigned to Marine Training Division at Station Montgomery

Resumed Starfleet duty 2378 as Lt Cmdr on Galaxy class USS Oregon as Operations Section Chief and 3rd Officer.

Listed at MIA 2379 in the near the Romulan Neutral Zone