Major Caldon Vinceps

Name Caldon Vinceps

Position Flight Leader

Second Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Arcturan Shell-back
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 320 pounds
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Huge. Massive wall of dun brown mottled muscle. Resembles a muscular turtle or tortoise standing erect.


Spouse Single
Children NA
Father Lord D'traan Viceps
Mother Lady D'toa Viceps
Brother(s) High Ch'to of the Arcturan-shell elite.
Sister(s) Deceased
Other Family Redacted

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born to Serve when Arcturus joined the Federation the second son of one one the planet's ruling families petitioned to join Starfleet and stunned everyone when he was accepted.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTH: Massive physical strength and strength of character.
WEAKNESS: Underestimating smaller opponents
Ambitions To serve famously.
Hobbies & Interests Multicultural poetry, multicultural art (specifically sculpted art), and multi-ethnic cooking
Military history
Martial Arts (multiple styles ... Practical knowledge of Mokbara and Arcturan Shell 'juntsu')

Personal History Raised in ruling Court on Arcturus.
Went to SFMCA.
Became SFMC Pilot officer.
Trained in SFMC Special Operations.
Multiple SFMC Special Operations missions.
Assignment as Chief Flight officer USS Drake.
Transfer to USS THERMOPYLAE as Assistant Chief Flight Officer/Wing CO
Service Record See above